My name is Ana, and my fiance and I love to travel. Over the years, we have gone to some amazing places. As a result, our friends often ask for recommendations on where to travel to next, and once they have picked a destination, for lists of our favorite activities and restaurants in each city.

This blog is designed to meet those needs: instead of emailing a list of our favorites, I figured why not put them up on a blog, so that I can not only easily share those lists with our friends, but hopefully help out others on the internet as well.

Post are divided into a the following categories:

  • The Ana List will have lists of activities and restaurants, city by city, that I can personally recommend.
  • The Ana (Wish) List will occasionally cover spots I am dreaming of going to, and you should consider too for upcoming travels.
  • The Ana (Hotel) List will cover some luxury hotels my fiance and I have stayed at, thanks to hotel rewards point redemption, that made our travels extra special.
  • The Ana (Friend) List will cover some of the many amazing places in the world I have not gotten a chance to visit, but my friends have and are excited to share with you. These will come from the people I trust and reach out to when planning my travels.
  • Finally, my fiance is an avid golfer, so you will see some guest posts from him about his favorite golf trips, under The Golf List.